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Flood Insurance in Worcester, MA

Floods are among the most common and damaging natural disasters that may affect you and your property. Even an inch of floodwater can wreak havoc on structures and their contents, leading to significant repair costs and extensive financial losses. Additionally, floods may arise from many common incidents, including heavy rains, rapid snowmelt and infrastructure issues, such as broken levees or dams. Given the consistent threat posed by floods and the extent of potential damages, adequate flood insurance should be a top priority to protect your property financially.

What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

Flood insurance typically provides multifaceted coverage for your buildings and possessions. In most cases, these policies may consist of the following components:

  • Structures coverage—This part of your flood insurance can help pay for structural damage caused by floods, such as those affecting your buildings’ roofs, walls, foundations, electrical and HVAC systems and attached fixtures.
  • Contents coverage—Your flood insurance may also provide financial assistance for repair or replacement costs if floodwater enters your property and damages your belongings, such as electronics, furniture and clothing.

How Much Does Flood Insurance Cost?

Like many types of insurance, the cost of adequate coverage for floods may vary significantly depending on your unique circumstances. While assessing your coverage needs and quoting you a rate for an appropriate policy, insurance companies may consider the following:

  • Location
  • Property details (e.g., age and building materials of insured structures)
  • Risk factors (e.g., elevation, proximity to bodies of water and area flood history)
  • Policy details (e.g., endorsements, deductibles and coverage limits)

When Should I Get Flood Insurance?

It’s critical to have flood insurance in effect well in advance of incidents, as most policies typically include a 30-day waiting period before your coverage becomes active. As such, even if you’ve already purchased flood insurance, you may still be unprotected in the weeks immediately following. There may be some exceptions to these clauses, such as if you purchase your policy at the same time as taking out a mortgage. A qualified insurance professional can help you understand and acquire adequate coverage.

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