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Home Insurance

We're here to help you get the protection you need.

Your home is your biggest investment, so it’s very important to make sure you have the right coverage to protect it. We’ll take the time with you to make sure you have the right level of coverage.

We’ll make sure that you have the right coverage amount to rebuild your home in the event of a loss as well as to replace your personal property or contents in the home. We’ll also help you decide on the right liability coverage and deductible for your specific needs.

Factors that Help/Hurt the price

  • Size of the home
  • The bigger the house, the more coverage you need!
  • Location of the home.
  • Age of the home.
  • Updates to roof, electric, heating, etc.
  • Pets
  • Pool
  • Trampoline
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When is a good time to Shop for home insurance?

When you buy a home. When your policy comes up for renewal. If you feel like you’re paying too much and/or getting poor service from your agent.

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Discounts Available

Claims Free Discount, New Roof Discount, Multi-Policy Discount (packaging with your auto policy), Alarm Discounts, Safe Property Discounts and more!

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